Company Information

Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a, established in May 2006 was registered under Tirana District Court no. 35733 dated 15.05.2006. The shares of the company are 100% owned by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, which is one of the largest banks in the country. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the past 17 years has completely transformed the old Public Bank into a full-service bank, serving all business sectors and private individual. The Bank offers a range of products, processes, systems and branch infrastructure comparable to 21st century European standards.

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Financial Lease

Financial lease refer to a contractual agreement, where the Leaser delegate all the usage rights of the asset to the lessee e upon the request of the lessee, for a specified time toward a periodical payment to Leaser, specifically “instalment of financial lease”. Financial lease, is a very simple and quick financing method for financing your personal car, you business needs for cars, machineries and equipment’s for your business from Raiffeisen Leasing Sha. The ownership title is being transfer to the Lessee after the payment of the last monthly instalment of the financial lease and within the day. Financial lease is legally regulated from Law: Nr. 9396, datë 12.5.2005 for Financial Lease in Albanian Republic.

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Financing options

Read termsm conditions and required documents to finance your vehicles / equipment!

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Buy or finance one of our secondhand asset! At Raiffeisen Leasing you have the opportunity to buy secondhand vehicles / equipment which are in our ownership. You can click on the below link and see the vehicles / equipment that are currently on auction and show your interest by making your offer directly on the website: or by contacting Raiffeisen Leasing staff at the following email address: For these assets you have the opportunity to be financed through financial leasing according to the specific terms and conditions for each vehicle/ equipment. For more information and details contact Raiffeisen leasing staff. Hurry to make your choice!


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We help you financing vehicles / equipment which are offered by various authorized national and international dealers thanks to our experience in the market over the years and a wide cooperation. Some of our most loyal national partners are listed below:

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Blvd. "Bajram Curri", ETC, kati 10, Tiranë


+ 355 4 2 274 920


+355 4 2 232 524


Monthly installment for financial lease

This calculator can be used even during the financial lease contract. In this way, you have the possibility to calculate your monthly installment based on published base rate and remaining value of exposure and tenor for the leasing contract.

Financed amount

Interest rate

Tenor of financial leasing contract (in months)

Monthly installment (financial lease)